Throughout history a caste system of justice has been created, separating those who receive fair legal representation from those who cannot afford a qualified defense. The presumption of innocent until proven guilty has been overshadowed by the presumption of guilty until proven wealthy. Just as disturbing is the desire to turn mundane cases into headline grabbing stories that convict people in the court of public opinion rather than court of law. Individuals become fodder for a media enamored prosecutorial system that finds fifteen minutes on television and a quote on the front page paramount to seeking truth.

This is a tale by which fairness takes a back seat in a system we inappropriately call justice. On February 9, 2006, after a "thorough investigation", Police Commissioner Richard Dormer publicly labeled the Hampton Bays High School Principal a terrorist. While this "terrorist" sat in the muck and mire of a Long Island jail, news reports told the world that he was finally caught while hiding under the guise of a New York educator. There was only one problem... he was innocent. Caught in a world of deception, lies, and publicity hungry officials, he sacrificed everything while uncovering a malicious conspiracy and cover up.

As readers are guided through investigations, nights in jail, and court proceedings, they're forced to ponder; How does this injustice go on in our legal system? How often do authorities cover their failures rather than allowing the truth to unfold? What is the integrity of a system that strips a human his constitutional rights, while the legalities of its actions remained unchecked?

Standing on Principal melds the fictional Fatal Attraction with the real life Duke Lacrosse and Penn State scandals. A first hand, well documented account of a rogue system that underestimated the tenacious character of its accused as he refused to be intimidated by a political machine. It's a real story -- it will scare the hell out of everybody..